Anisa’s Animation 

Movie Poster Analysis

1. Name of the film: Prom night

2. Genre: Horror

3. Tag line: A Night To Die For 

4. Colour of main title: Red

5. Font style used for main title: Batang

6. Font type used for poster info: Really small white font

7. Actors: Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, Scott Porter

8. Director: Nelson McCormic

9. Film Rating: not rated

10. Producer: Neal H. Moritz 

11. Realease date: In theatres April 11th 

12. Colours used in the poster: Black, White, Red, Whitish Blue 

13. Does this poster make you want to see it?: yes, because I can easily tell that its a horror movie and you can tell that something goes wrong and you get this erie vibe from it. 

14. Main subject of the poster: The main subject of this poster is the girl wearing the prom queen crown and it seems like shes screaming. 

15. Layout style used: Grid Layout 

- Combining two pictures 
by anisa tasnim :))))))) 

- Combining two pictures 

by anisa tasnim :)))))))